Don’t you just love feeling fancy with absolutely no effort? I do, I do (insert raised hand emoji)! This open faced salmon sandwich is what every breakfast should be, delicious and not time consuming. The bonus is, you can also make these for brunch and your guests will sing your praises and ask how you got so fabulous (insert smug emoji here).

Did you know there’s a difference between smoked salmon and lox? Don’t judge, but until recently I assumed they were basically the same thing. Both are cured, but lox are not cooked or smoked. Easy peasy. Okay, now to how to make these babies.


- Half loaf fresh bread- I used rustic Italian
- Smoked salmon  (I used Foppen Norwegian smoked salmon)
- 3 tablespoon softened butter
- Fresh chives
- 6 eggs for scrambling
- Pinch of sea salt
- Pinch of pepper


1. Prepare scrambled eggs to your liking (though, I recommend keeping the pieces slightly larger, so they stay on the bread a bit easier)
2. Spread enough butter to cover each slice of bread
3. Top each piece of bread with scrambled eggs
4. Top with about 1 ounce salmon each slice of bread
5. Sprinkle with fresh chives
6. Bask in the praises of friends and family